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15 days

Highlights of Brazil

Embark on a fantastic tour of colourful Brazil. Discover Rio de Janeiro, the Iguazú Falls, the fascinating flora and fauna of the Amazon jungle and Salvador with its unique culture and atmosphere.

Highlights of Brazil
Highlights of Brazil
15 days
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Highlights of Brazil

Embark on a fantastic tour of colourful Brazil. Discover Rio de Janeiro, the Iguazú Falls, the fascinating flora and fauna of the Amazon jungle and Salvador with its unique culture and atmosphere.

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What is included in the price?
This package includes the following
  • Flight from the UK to Rio de Janeiro and return from Salvador
  • 3 domestic flights: Rio de Janeiro – Foz do Iguaçu – Manaus – Salvador
  • Transfers to and from the airport in Brazil
  • 9 nights at good hotels, including breakfast
  • 3 nights at Tupana Amazon Lodge including full board (On the last night, you have the chance to enjoy the amazing experience of spending the night in a jungle camp in the middle of the Amazon jungle).
  • Individual tour; however, all excursions are in small, international groups with local, English-speaking guides
  • 24-hour manned emergency telephone throughout the tour
  • ATOL certificate included
  • You have the option of extending the tour with a beach holiday in Salvador
  • Departure guarantee – The price is valid when at least 2 people travelling. Please ask for a price if you are travelling alone

Comprehensive package of excursions:

  • Welcome meeting in Rio de Janeiro
  • Guided city tour in Rio including a visit to Sugar Loaf and Mount Corcovado with the famous Christ the Redeemer statue
  • The Iguazú Falls from both the Brazilian and the Argentinian side
  • Guided tours in the Amazon rainforest
  • Guided tour of Salvador
  • Admission to all attractions mentioned


Embark on a fantastic tour of Brazil, where you will truly experience the country’s diversity and exciting contrasts.

You land in the capital of Samba, Rio de Janeiro, where the locals, known as Cariocas, welcome you with open arms, smiles and an infectious joie de vivre. The city might just have the world’s most scenic location. See for yourself when standing on top of Mount Corcovado alongside the famous Christ the Redeemer statue looking down over the city, the bays and the stunning beaches.

From the busy city, you will discover Brazil’s impressive nature, visiting Iguazú, one of the world’s largest waterfalls, and staying in the Amazon rainforest at a jungle lodge for 3 nights and experiencing its unique flora and fauna first hand.

The tour rounds off in Salvador, where the Portuguese landed in 1549 and made the city Brazil’s first capital. The city is known for its afro-Brazilian culture and its beautiful colonial buildings in the colourful Pelourinho district, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

You have the option to extend your tour with a beach holiday on the Praia do Forte beach just north of Salvador.

Why choose this tour

  • Get up close to the Amazon jungle’s unique animal and plant life in the world’s largest rainforest
  • Let Rio de Janeiro seduce you with its vibrant population and breath-taking views from the top of Mt. Corcovado and Sugarloaf Mountain
  • Experience the water volumes at the impressive Iguazú Falls from both the Brazilian and Argentinian sides
  • Experience Brazil’s African roots through food, music and dance in colourful and charming Salvador, the country’s first capital

Our prices always include

  • All international and domestic flights
  • All destination transfers
  • All specified excursions and activities
  • All accommodations
Detailed Itinerary
Day 1: Departure from the UK

Today, you leave the UK and head to Brazil with connecting flights along the way.

Day 2: Arrival in Rio de Janeiro – Welcome meeting – Guided tour of the city

At the airport in Rio de Janeiro, you will be picked up by an English-speaking guide who drives you to your hotel. Depending on the traffic, the drive from the airport to your hotel takes about an hour.

Rio is both wonderful and chaotic at the same time, and this can give even the most seasoned traveller butterflies in their stomach – in a good way. To ensure that your visit to Brazil gets off to the best possible start, our partner will come to your hotel and hold a short welcome meeting of around 30–60 minutes. This is an opportunity for you to run through your tour together and get answers to any questions you may have about the tour or other practical questions about Brazil.

At midday, you will be picked up from the hotel and be taken on an exciting, guided tour of Rio’s major sights. You visit the cosy neighbourhoods of Santa Teresa and Lapa, before driving up to Mount Corcovado in the middle of Tijuca National Park, the world’s largest urban forest. At the top of the mountain stands the 38-metre-high Christ the Redeemer statue, watching over Rio from a height of 710 metres above sea level. Over time, the statue has become the city’s landmark and has been named one of the seven new wonders of the world. From the top of the mountain, you are rewarded with stunning views of Copacabana and Ipanema beaches, the colourful favelas, Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon and the famous Maracaña football stadium. Lunch is not included on this tour, but it is possible to buy a sandwich and other snacks along the way.

You then move on to the 396-metre-high Pão de Açúcar, also known as Sugarloaf, another of the absolute highlights of the city. A cable car takes you first to the top of the Urca mountain, from which there are views of the coast and the area’s small islands. Another cable car then takes you from Urca to the top of Sugarloaf where you can enjoy a beautiful sunset over Rio.

You’ll be back at your hotel at 7-8 pm and have the rest of the evening to yourself.

Day 3: Rio de Janeiro on your own

Rio is known for the world’s largest carnival, and even if you don’t visit the city during carnival time, preparations for the big party are always under way. You spend the day on your own in the city today, or you have the option to purchase an optional tour and, for example, come behind the scenes of the world’s biggest party, experience Rio from the saddle of a bike or experience the city’s nightlife and taste the Brazilian national cocktail, Caipirinha.

Day 4: Rio de Janeiro on your own

You have the day to yourself to explore Rio. You can choose to relax on the beach or purchase extra excursions, giving you the opportunity to experience even more of what this adventurous city has to offer.

Day 5: Flight from Rio de Janeiro to Foz do Iguaçu – visit to Iguazú Falls (Brazil)

It’s time to say goodbye to Rio and head to Foz do Iguaçu, which is a base for trips to Iguazú Falls.

Iguazú Falls are nothing short of a natural wonder, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site for good reason. Consisting of 275 waterfalls of various sizes, located over a 2.7-km-long horseshoe-shaped stretch on the Iguazú River, they make up the world’s largest waterfall.

It’s a wonderful experience to see the waterfalls from both the Argentinian side and the Brazilian side, and today you’re Brazil bound.

On your arrival at the airport in Foz do Iguaçu, you will be picked up by your guide and driven the short distance to the entrance of Foz do Iguaçu National Park. The Brazilian side is where you enjoy the most spectacular panoramic view of the waterfalls and can really admire the scale of them.

You walk along small paths through the rainforest which take you to different viewing platforms from which you can admire the waterfalls from various angles and, not least, take some fantastic photos. On your walk along the paths, you are in with a good chance of seeing butterflies, exotic plants and birds and the curious little coati scampering about you in the eternal hope of being fed.

After the visit, you will be driven to your hotel and have the evening on your own in Foz do Iguaçu.

Day 6: The Iguazú Falls (Argentina)

Today, you’ll be exploring Iguazú Falls from the Argentinian side. You will be picked up from your hotel by your guide and taken across the Tancredo Neves bridge over the Iguazú River, which forms the border between Brazil and Argentina.

Most of the falls are on the Argentinian side, and you will be guided through the rainforest via an extensive network of paths, stairs and footbridges to the many impressive waterfalls.

From the entrance to the national park, you’ll take a small train out to the largest of the waterfalls, Garganta del Diablo, which means the Devil’s Throat. You’ll be left in no doubt about why this waterfall has been given this particular name! The rush of the water here is deafening and the spray feels like you’re under the shower and can give you quite a soaking. But standing in the midst of these mighty forces of nature is a completely indescribable experience.

The lush nature around the waterfalls is home to unique flora and fauna, and your guide will tell you all about the nature you encounter in the park, such as orchids, toucans, giant lizards and, with a little luck, monkeys, too.

Lunch is enjoyed at one of the restaurants in the park (at your own expense). You return to your hotel in the afternoon.

PLEASE NOTE: Remember to bring your passport today, as you will be crossing the border to Argentina.

Due to heavy rain in October 2023, the footpath to Devil’s Throat was damaged, and renovation work on the new path is not expected to be fully completed until around October/November 2024. During this period, walks to other areas of the falls will be arranged, and it is still an absolutely fantastic experience to visit the falls from the Argentinian side.  

Day 7: Flight from Foz do Iguaçu to Manaus (the Amazon)

More unique nature experiences await you, because today your journey continues to the Amazon jungle, the world’s largest rainforest!

You will be driven to the airport in Foz do Iguaçu and fly to Manaus, which is located in the middle of the rainforest and is the capital of the state of Amazonas. You might be a little taken aback at landing in the heart of a modern metropolis with more than 2 million inhabitants here in the middle of the rainforest, when there has only been green jungle as far as the eye could see from the plane.

On your arrival, you will be driven to your hotel, and you have the rest of the day to yourself. If you have the time and inclination, we recommend a trip to the city’s beautiful theatre and opera house, Teatro Amazonas, built in 1896.

Your Amazon adventure begins in earnest tomorrow, when you will venture deeper into the jungle, and we guarantee that you’ll find the contrast with the big city mindblowing and not least unforgettable.

Day 8: Manaus – arrival at Tupana Lodge – experiences in the Amazon rainforest

The day starts early with a 4-hour transfer to your jungle lodge where you will spend the next 3 nights. You will be driven down to the harbour, from where you sail to the small town of Villa do Careiro. From here, you are driven to the Tupana River and sail the remainder of the way down to the lodge. This is not only a shuttle to your lodge, but the start of your Amazon adventure. You will, among other things, see where the two big rivers Rio Negro and Rio Solimões meet each other to become the Amazon. One river is brown and muddy, while the other is black. The dividing line between the two rivers is clearly visible. This amazing phenomenon is known as the “Meeting of Waters”.

Upon your arrival at the lodge, you will be welcomed with a refreshing drink and shown to your room. Lunch will then be served in the lodge’s restaurant.

In the afternoon, you will head off with your local guide to explore the jungle. You will sail down the river in a motorised canoe, in search of exciting flora and fauna. If you are lucky you will see monkeys and exotic birds, but the rainforest is dense and it takes an experienced eye to spot the animals.

After dinner, when darkness has fallen, a night safari down the river awaits you. The goal: to find caimans! The guide runs his torchlight over the water, and when the light hits a caiman’s eyes, they glow in the dark to reveal its position. Caimans live in South and Central America and are related to crocodiles and alligators.

NB: You should bring no more than 10 kilos of luggage with you to the lodge. Remaining luggage can be given to the driver and stored at Tupana Lodge’s office in Manaus.

Day 9: Experiences in the Amazon rainforest

After breakfast, your guide will take you on a boat trip down the river to see the many exotic birds living in the area. Afterwards, you will go on a gentle walk deeper into the jungle, where you gain a fascinating insight into the importance and medical significance of the plants to the native people in the area. You may also see some of the rainforest’s other inhabitants, including tapir, capybaras (water hogs), sloths and numerous different kinds of monkeys and reptiles.

Lunch is enjoyed back at the lodge.

In the afternoon, you will go fishing on the river. The river is teeming with wonderful species of fish, and the big challenge of the day is, of course, to see if you can catch one of the famous piranhas. On the way back to the lodge, you can enjoy the beautiful sunset.

After dinner, it’s time for another little night safari – this time on foot into the forest. You will be surprised at how the jungle comes to life after dark and how many different insects there are.

Day 10: Experiences in the Amazon rainforest

You set out early on a boat trip on the river while watching the sun rise. At this time of the day, you can experience many different bird species, and if you’re lucky you may spot the pink dolphin that lives here.

Back at the lodge, you eat lunch before heading down the river in a motorised canoe to visit a local family. It’s a fascinating visit that gives you a unique insight into life in a rainforest and their culture and traditions.

After lunch, you go on a survival tour into the jungle. Pack a small bag with the few things you’ll need to be able to sleep in the jungle.
You hike to a small primitive jungle camp where you will spend the night. The guide will show you how to find the food and water you need to survive in the jungle.

The evening meal is enjoyed in the open air, and you can look forward to falling asleep to all the sounds of the rainforest. It is a wonderful experience to be at one with nature in the world’s largest rainforest.

Please note: If you do not wish to sleep in the jungle, you can stay at the lodge. The afternoon will then be yours to do as you wish.

Day 11: Flight from Manaus to Salvador

Early in the morning, you will return to the lodge where there is time for a shower and a hearty breakfast before it’s time to say goodbye to life in the jungle and return to Manaus.

On your arrival in Manaus, you will be driven to the airport and fly to Salvador.

You will arrive in Salvador late evening and you will be picked up from the airport and driven to your hotel.

Day 12: Guided tour of Salvador

Salvador enjoys an amazingly scenic location right on the bay of Bahia de Todos os Santos. The city was founded by the Portuguese in 1549 and became Brazil’s first capital. At that time, Salvador was a major port for the slave trade, so a large percentage of the population has African blood in its veins. This Afro-Brazilian culture is quite unique, and you can see and experience the food, the music, the religion and not least the goods sold on the street corners.

Salvador’s historic centre, Pelourinho, has some of the best-preserved colonial architecture, earning it a listing as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1985.
Today, you will enjoy an exciting city tour and learn much more about the city’s history. You will experience the pleasant street life in the cobblestone streets and enjoy the impressive architecture. You will, among other things, see the iconic churches of Terreiro de Jesus and St. Francisco, the famous Brazilian writer Jorge Amado’s house and Barra lighthouse, from which you can take some great pictures of the city.

The tour takes around 4 hours, and the rest of the day is yours.

Much of Salvador is built on a slope, and the city is therefore divided into an upper part and a lower part. Pelourinho is located in the upper part of Salvador, and if you would like to experience more of what the lower part of the city has to offer, you can purchase an extra tour in the afternoon. This tour takes you to past the impressive fort of Mont Serrat and the large market, Mercado Modelo, where you can buy everything the heart desires.

Day 13: Salvador on your own

You have the day to yourself in Salvador. You can stroll around in the pleasant streets or walk down to the beach, praia do farol da Barra and go for a swim.

Day 14: Departure day

Your Brazilian adventure has come to an end and you will be picked up and driven to Salvador airport. The time depends on your flight connection home.

Day 15: Arrival back home

You land in the UK after an eventful tour of Brazil.

Combine with
Choose from the options below
Beach holiday extension at Praia do Forte
3 nights

Praia do Forte is a cosy village with small cobbled streets. Around the Alameda do Sol pedestrian street, you will find a large selection of restaurants, bars and small shops.

Go for a walk along the golden sandy beaches or enjoy a dip in the warm sea water with your snorkel mask and see all the brightly-coloured fish hiding between stones and rocks under the surface. You might even be lucky enough to see sea turtles.

In Praia do Forte, you can visit the popular TAMAR sea turtle project, where you can get right up close to and learn a lot about these impressive animals.

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