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Cuba Tours

Go on one of our tours to Cuba and discover a country offering a wonderful history, captivating culture and scenic outdoor experiences.

The island state, which is home to salsa, Cuban cigars and picturesque Caribbean beaches, is a wonderful destination for great experiences.

Check out all our tours to Cuba below.

If you have any questions, please call our travel consultants on 01279 704 135.


Cuba Tours

Go on one of our tours to Cuba and discover a country offering a wonderful history, captivating culture and scenic outdoor experiences.

The island state, which is home to salsa, Cuban cigars and picturesque Caribbean beaches, is a wonderful destination for great experiences.

Check out all our tours to Cuba below.

If you have any questions, please call our travel consultants on 01279 704 135.

Why should you holiday in Cuba?

There is no country like Cuba anywhere else in the world. The island state – the largest island in the Caribbean – is a holiday destination with a unique political history, which manifests itself as you travel through the country.

Unique history – unique travel destination

Nevertheless, or perhaps because of this, Cuba is a fantastic holiday destination.

The legacy of the Spanish colonial period and Communist rule marked by revolutions have left their stamp on the country. Cuba is often said to be frozen in time, as very little has changed since the late 1950s, when Fidel Castro came to power.

However, Cuba is facing changes today, so it is likely that, in a few years’ time, visitors will enjoy a completely different experience to the one they experience when travelling to the country today: pulsating salsa rhythms, old American cars, colonial buildings, picturesque scenery and Caribbean beaches in one perfect harmony.

Choose a holiday to Cuba and enjoy the incredible warmth and hospitality of both the island and its people.

What will you experience on our Cuba tours?

On our round trips, you will experience a combination of old colonial towns, outstanding nature and fabulous beaches on a beach holiday on the beautiful Caribbean beaches.

Cuba has something for everyone. Below you can read about some of the highlights you can experience on our tours.

The highlights of Cuba

No matter which of our tours you choose, you are guaranteed an experience of a lifetime.

Vibrant city life and old architecture in Havana

Cuba is synonymous with old American cars (also known as Yank Tanks), salsa and colonial buildings. And in Havana, you will find all three.

Havana (or “La Habana” in Spanish) is the capital of Cuba, and a charming city that is an absolute must-see on your trip. The city is everything you’ve seen in the pictures – and some.

Experiences you can enjoy here include:

  • The historic district, which is a UNESCO world heritage site.
    The district is characterised by its Spanish cultural heritage and colonial architecture.
  • Walk in Hemingway’s footsteps on one of our extra tours.
    Hemingway lived in Havana for much of his life and wrote some of his greatest works here.
  • Head out into the night life, where there is ample opportunity to listen to salsa, jazz and blues at one of Havana’s many bars. Havana is also the place where you can experience the world famous Tropicana Cabaret Show

You visit Havana on all tours.

The Viñales Valley

In the Viñales Valley, you enjoy spectacular outdoor experiences. The landscape is dominated by fertile valleys with mango trees, banana trees and limestone mountains (Mogotes).

The area is also known for its tobacco plants, which are some of the best in the world. You visit a cigar factory, where you can watch the cigars being made.

On several of our trips, you have a day to yourself in Viñales, when you can explore the scenic region at your leisure, or opt for one of our extra tours, such as a 3-hour hike in the area.


Cienfuegos is a charming city, also known as the “Pearl of the South”.

The city was founded in 1819 by French immigrants from the United States. Today, it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in recognition of its well-preserved buildings. Discover places such as the city’s main square, Parque Martí, where you can see the well-preserved “Tomas Terry” theatre.

The city is perhaps best known for being the place where, in 1957, a group of young people, along with Fidel Castro’s guerrillas, took over the military base, a move quickly defeated by Batista.

Santa Clara

In Santa Clara, you can really gain an insight into the Cuban revolution.

Everywhere you go, you are reminded of the revolution. There are big signs with slogans and pictures of Fidel Castro and Che Guevara. On Revolution Square, you will see the great bronze statue of Che Guevara standing atop a pedestal bearing his famous words “Hasta la victoria siempre”.

Learn more about the revolution in the “Leoncio Vidal Park” and at the railway museum, where you can hear the story of Che and his men, who derailed a train filled with ammunition in 1958 – an important victory in the battle to take the city.


The city of Trinidad was founded by the Spanish in 1514, and has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1988. Here, you can experience one of the best preserved and perhaps most beautiful colonial cities on the island. Visit the picturesque square, Plaza Mayor, one of the many museums or walk around the city and look at the pretty, pastel-coloured architecture.

Trinidad is approximately 10 km away from Playa Ancón, which is not as busy as other Cuban beaches such as Varadero. Visit the beach while you are in Trinidad or round off your trip with a beach holiday.

Beach holiday in Cuba

Selected tours to Cuba can be rounded off or combined with a beach holiday at one of Cuba’s amazing beach resorts: Varadero, Jibacoa, the island of Cayo Santa Maria or Guardalavaca, all situated off the north coast of Cuba.

Varadero – The Caribbean’s largest resort
Roughly two hours east of Havana is Varadero, one of the largest holiday resorts in the Caribbean, where you get more than 20 km of fabulous white sandy beaches and myriad opportunities for activities both in and out of the water.

Rumour has it that Al Capone had a holiday home in Varadero. Today, the house is a restaurant, and whether or not the rumours are true, we will never know.

Jibacoa – Sandy beaches and peaceful surroundings
Jibacoa is located on the coast between Havana and Varadero.

The beautiful sandy beach of Jibacoa, Arroyo Bermejo, is surrounded by crystal clear waters and beautiful scenery. Swim, snorkel, play tennis, go for walks in the beautiful area around the hotel or simply enjoy life on the beach.

Cayo Santa Maria – A recently discovered gem of a place
The island of Cayo Santa Maria is situated off the north coast of Cuba. The first hotel opened here in 2001, so this is one of Cuba’s recently discovered gems, where you can relax on picturesque beaches, surrounded by azure sea and wild nature.

If you feel the need for activity, the hotel offers a wide range of activities for children and adults alike.

Want to know more about our tours to Cuba?

We’ve put together all the practical information you need about travelling to Cuba on our “Practical information about Cuba” page.

Our travel consultants are also here to help you with any questions you many about Cuba, booking or about our other tours to Central and South America.

We look forward to helping you on a holiday of a lifetime.

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