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From mochi to matcha – Explore 8 Japanese desserts

We tend to associate Japanese cuisine with fresh, delicate sushi or warm, flavourful ramen soup – there are countless delicious Japanese dishes of a savoury nature that you must try. However, Japanese cuisine also offers a large selection of tasty sweets that are worth tasting on a tour to Japan....

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7 unforgettable islands to visit in Indonesia

Indonesia, the world’s largest archipelagic state, boasts an impressive expanse of over 18,000 islands. Nestled in Southeast Asia, its diverse landscapes span from lush tropical rainforests and idyllic beaches to towering volcanic peaks. Whether it’s the renowned Gili Islands or the enchanting rainforests of Sumatra, Indonesia is a land of...

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7 things you must do in Bali

The beautiful island of Bali in Indonesia is known for its rich culture, stunning nature and warm hospitality. Bali has long been a popular travel destination and attracts visitors from all over the world with its charming diversity. But what should you see and do in Bali? The island offers...

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National parks versus private game reserves

Is a safari in Africa a dream of yours? We offer tours to fantastic and unique areas of natural beauty in Africa – both world-renowned national parks and private game reserves. What’s the difference between the two? And does it make any difference to your safari where you go? In...

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Where to travel in 2024?

A new year is a new opportunity to travel out and experience the world. But where should you travel to in 2024? We asked our experts for their travel recommendations for destinations in the coming year. Here is our guide to the 10 best travel destinations for 2024. Brazil Will...

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