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Vaccinations for Africa

It can be a jungle out there to find out if you need to be vaccinated when you’re going to visit a country in Africa. In this blog post, we’ve put together an overview of what you need to know regarding vaccinations in Africa. NB: We’re specialists in travel –...

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Weather in Tanzania

A tour to Tanzania offers everything from safari and mountain climbing to beach holidays and city life. In this blog post, we look at Tanzania’s weather, including the climate and specific seasons, and then review Tanzania’s weather month by month. The climate in Tanzania Tanzania is located south of the...

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Animals in Sri Lanka

Small country – big experiences. This is a good way to describe Sri Lanka, which despite its size offers a wealth of fantastic and unique culture, nature and wildlife. Sri Lanka is a veritable paradise for animal lovers. With its lush vegetation and varied landscapes, the island offers immense biodiversity...

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Food in South Africa

South African food culture is a fascinating and colourful fusion of cultures and traditions that reflects the country’s rich history and ethnic diversity. But what do they actually eat in South Africa? From the native tribes to the influences of European and Asian immigrants, each group has contributed its own...

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10 tips on how to travel (a little) more sustainably

It’s great to travel the world and experience cultures that are different from our own. But it can sometimes seem a little paradoxical to travel when the world is facing so many climate challenges. But there are also good reasons to continue travelling the world. To travel in a way...

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