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Travelogue from Cuba: Cuba surprises

In May 2023, our Latin America specialist, Tom Søndergaard, travelled to Cuba. Here you can read about his experience. The thrill of embarking on an adventure is an emotion we can all relate to. The allure of the unknown, the promise of new experiences, and the anticipation of what lies...

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Beautiful beaches in Cuba

Cuba is a magical country full of exciting history, captivating culture and unique nature experiences. In Cuba, you will also find many beautiful and picturesque sandy beaches with crystal-clear, azure waters. We use several different of Cuba’s fantastic beaches on our tours. Dream of relaxing on one of the country’s...

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Money in Cuba

Please note: As of 1 January 2021, Cuba has ended its dual currency system and now has just 1 official currency: the Cuban peso (CUP). The blog post below is therefore out of date. Read more about the Cuban currency in our practical information. Cuba has a fascinating and complex...

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5 exciting attractions in Havana

Dream of visiting Cuba, such as on your summer holiday? Then your tour will definitely take you by Havana. Havana is one of Cuba’s oldest cities, and you will find experiences out of the ordinary here. Beautiful colonial buildings, delicious drinks and colourful old American cars are just a taste...

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When is the best time to visit Cuba?

A holiday in Cuba is a truly unique experience. Authentic Caribbean charm, old American cars and wonderful salsa rhythms. But when is the best time to visit the island? Read on below and find out what the temperature is throughout the year, about the seasons, and how many hours of...

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