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Manuel Antonio National Park

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Monkey Costa Rica

In the middle of Costa Rica’s Pacific coast is the gorgeous Manuel Antonio National Park.

In the national park, you will find lush, tropical rainforest, stunning coastlines and enticing sandy beaches.

Read more about what you can experience in Manuel Antonio National Park below.

Costa Rica’s smallest national park

Manuel Antonio is one of Costa Rica’s most beautiful national parks, and at 6.82 km2, it is also the country’s smallest. Aside from the rainforest on the mainland, the national park includes 12 islands off the coast, where many sea birds live.

The national park was established as a result of rising interest from foreign investors in developing the area in the area and thus preventing locals from use the area’s beaches and nature. To protect the area’s nature and wildlife, they put pressure on the government, resulting in Manuel Antonio becoming a national park in 1972.


Toucan Costa Rica

Despite the national park’s size, it remains one of the best places to experience the wildlife of Costa Rica.

The park has a dense rainforest, which is home to over 100 different types of mammal.

For example, you can see iguanas, armadillos and sloths. If you look up to the treetops, you may be able to spot the park’s four species of monkeys: capuchin monkeys, howler monkeys, squirrel monkeys and spider monkeys.

If you have an interest in birds, then the park is a perfect destination as well, as no less than 184 different bird species live here. You can spot birds such as toucans, recognisable by their long, colourful bills. The most famous toucan species is likely the keel-beaked toucan, which can be recognised by its green bill and yellow crest.

You may even be lucky enough to see bright, green hummingbirds as they suck nectar from the park’s flowers. The hummingbird is one of the parks smallest birds, and in total, the park is home to 15 different hummingbird species.


Manuel Antonio Rainforest Costa Rica

In Manuel Antonio, you will find very diverse nature with different landscapes as well as hundreds of different plant species.

The tropical rainforest in the area is home to over 250 different plant species. A mangrove forest grows at the park’s waterways, and bushes and trees have their roots down in the water.

In order to experience rainforests and the coasts of the park, you can walk along the park’s hiking trails, which take you past the coast and into the jungle, where you get a glimpse of the wild animal life.


Beach Manuel Antonio Costa Rica

In and around Manuel Antonio National Park are some of Costa Rica’s picturesque beaches.

In the national park are two fantastic, stunning beaches: Playa Espadilla Sur and Playa Manuel Antonio. To get to the beaches in the national park, you must pass through the dense, green rainforest before emerging to the open coastal stretches.

Playa Manuel Antonio is said to be among the world’s most beautiful beaches. Here, you can go snorkelling among tropical fish, and if you’re lucky, you may swim around some of the park’s sea turtles. Sometimes, migrating dolphins and whales can be spotted as they swim past the national park’s coastline.

Do you want to experience Manuel Antonio National Park?

Magnificent nature experiences await you in Manuel Antonio.

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