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Why we have changed your lodge in Costa Rica – it’s all about Costa Rica’s pursuit of biodiversity

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Man standing on a bridge in the Costa Rican jungle

Interest in enchanting Costa Rica, the land of lush rainforests, beautiful beaches and diverse wildlife, has increased sharply in recent years.

With travellers from all over the world now seeking unique nature experiences in the beautiful country, the demand for lodges and hotels has reached unprecedented heights.

But behind every change of accommodation on our tours to Costa Rica is a story that is deeply rooted in Costa Rica’s rich biodiversity.

A brief look at Costa Rica’s biodiversity

View of the Arenal Volcano under blue skies in Costa Rica

Costa Rica’s commitment to preserving the world’s nature goes back to the early 1970s, when the country introduced a system for the establishment of national parks to reduce the devastation caused by deforestation, which was rife at this time.

And it has to be said that they have succeeded in doing just that. From the mysterious cloud forest of Monteverde to the captivating marine life of Tortuguero. Costa Rica’s persistence when it comes to biodiversity is a testament to the country’s unwavering commitment.

Today, Costa Rica is a hotspot for biodiversity, attracting nature enthusiasts and animal lovers from all over the world. Roughly 25% of the country’s total area is categorised as national park, and 5% of the world’s biodiversity is found here – two things that clearly reflect the small country’s deep commitment to protecting the world’s natural heritage.

The difficult task of navigating the lodge landscape

A path to Manuel Antonio in Costa Rica

For us as a tour operator working behind the scenes of Costa Rica’s biodiversity, the challenge is to find the perfect lodges for our guests, so that they enjoy the experience of a lifetime in the Central American country.

More so than in many other countries, only small lodges and hotels are offered in Costa Rica. This is a completely conscious decision, deeply rooted in the country’s soul and consideration for nature.

Rather than establishing large resorts that accommodate many people, Costa Rica has embraced a model which favours eco-friendly, boutique-style accommodation. So, a 2-star hotel is not necessarily of a lower standard, but rather 2-star because it does not have some of the facilities you are used to, such as a TV, for example. This accommodation model makes for a more sustainable tourism industry and at the same time minimises the country’s impact on the environment. It also provides visitors to Costa Rica with an even more intimate connection to the country’s natural wonders.

But Costa Rica is popular, and a lot of people are eager to visit the beautiful country. Demand for accommodation in Costa Rica is therefore high, as these small hotels and lodges sell out faster.

So, as a tour operator that aims to deliver an authentic and sustainable experience, we have to tread a fine line between our guests’ expectations of which lodge they should stay at and the limited accommodation options we have.

The reason for the change of lodge

Evergreen Lodge in Tortuguero up close

We fully understand why our guests are surprised that the lodge or hotel they were initially told they would be staying at is suddenly no longer part of their itinerary.

However, the reason for this has to do with Costa Rica’s laudable efforts to preserve its natural wonders – there simply aren’t that many beds available.

As a tour operator, we go to great lengths to select accommodation that gives you the best combination of unique locations, the right family atmosphere and high quality – and all at a price that doesn’t break the bank.

A choice that turns your tour into an adventure

Woman standing in front of a waterfall in Costa Rica

Fortunately, we have a really talented partner in Costa Rica with more than 30 years’ experience of creating unique tours to the country they love to showcase to interested guests from around the world.

Together with them, we choose not only the accommodation that appears on our website, but also the 100+ alternatives for when the accommodation on the itinerary is sold out.

And this happens a lot in Costa Rica.

Every lodge and hotel, whether it’s accommodation we show in the itinerary or an alternative we use when it’s sold out, is accommodation chosen by us.

A choice we can vouch for.

A choice that helps turn your tour into an adventure.

We aim to provide our guests with exceptional experiences, so we also understand the importance of proactive communication with our guests. We want to ensure that you understand that we don’t make changes to your accommodation lightly – a lot of thought has gone into it.

And we urge you to contact us to share your concerns if you find yourself questioning the changes that have been made to your tour  – so that you can set off on your great adventure with us with complete peace of mind.

Unforgettable experiences – wherever you stay

Women looking up in the jungle in Costa Rica

Costa Rica’s dedication to biodiversity has made the country a unique destination for those wishing to experience one of the world’s best natural destinations.

We aim to create tours that capture this beauty – and your accommodation is the icing on the cake.

Costa Rica’s focus on biodiversity is deeply connected to the country’s soul – just as a focus on delivering unforgettable travel experiences, despite the constant search for available lodges and hotels, is connected to ours.

Any change of hotel or lodge is a change necessary to preserve Costa Rica’s natural wonders – and part of a narrative that becomes part of your tour.

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