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Winter holiday in Asia

01.07.2019  |  updated: 22.01.2024
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Koh Rong

Where will your next winter holiday take you?

Asia has many excellent winter destinations – whether you like heat and winter sun or not.

We have selected some of the Asian destinations that are great for a winter visit in January and February.

Cambodia in January and February

Angkor Wat

On a winter tour to Cambodia, you can expect blue skies and comfortable temperatures. This is because there is a dry season in January and February.

Cambodia is, compared with its neighbours, a small country. However, the country’s size has no impact on the rich experiences you can have here.

For example, you can experience Cambodia’s most popular attraction Angkor Wat, which is located in the UNESCO-listed Angkor – a massive ruin city of a good 400 km2, which is one of South-East Asia’s most important archaeological areas. A visit to Angkor in this fascinating area makes it easy to be drawn in by Cambodia’s history.

Cambodia is particularly well known for the Mekong River, Asia’s seventh longest river. The river runs through 6 countries, including Cambodia, and gives life to an enormous area. The Mekong Delta has utterly fantastic plant and animal life. For example, you can be lucky enough to experience the rare Irrawaddy dolphins, which have a dark grey-blue colour, protruding forehead and short beak.

Conclude your winter tour to Cambodia with a relaxing beach holiday. For example, you can head to the coastal town of Kep, a historical town with lots of experiences. This is a fantastic place to unplug and unwind on the lovely sandy beach, dive into the town’s history and taste Kep’s food culture. Or, head to the tropical island of Koh Rong, which offers relaxation on stunning, chalk-white beaches and bathing in crystal blue water. A fantastic place to enjoy the warm temperatures on the last days of your holiday.

Spend your winter holiday in Cambodia:

Vietnam in January and February


In January and February, Vietnam has a dry season, making the country a fantastic destination for a winter tour.

In Vietnam, there are major differences in weather between the North and the South, as Vietnam is located in two climate belts. Therefore, it may get cooler in northern Vietnam during these months, while the southern part of Vietnam has more moderate, comfortable temperatures.

Southern Vietnam also offers countless cultural experiences.

For example, experience Ho Chi Minh City’s hectic metropolitan life, go exploring in the city streets and get up close to the culture. In Vietnam, another must is to taste Vietnamese cuisine, which is an experience all on its own.

You must also not miss Vietnam’s fantastic and lush nature, which for example can be experienced in the Mekong Delta. The delta has a fantastic, varied landscape and houses sites such as coconut plantations, rice paddies, incredible sandy beaches and national parks. The Mekong River in the delta is extremely important to the Vietnamese. Aside from giving life to animals, plants and Vietnamese agriculture, the river is also used as a central part of daily life. Experience how Vietnam’s busy life also takes place on the water, where houses, boats and markets float.

Conclude your tour with some winter sun. For example, you can head to Phu Quoc, Vietnam’s largest island and exotic excursion to the south. Here, you can relax on the gorgeous, golden palm beaches with a view of crystal-clear water until your winter holidays are over and you head back home.

Spend your winter holiday in Vietnam:

Thailand in January and February

Thailand - Koh Ngai

Winter is an excellent time for a tour to Thailand if you are dreaming of dry weather and loads of sunshine. In January and February, you will experience lovely, warm temperatures in most of Thailand.

Thailand is massive, which also means that you can have many different experiences here regardless of whether you prefer holidays with many cultural experiences or a relaxing holiday on the beach.

For example, experience Bangkok and Chiang Mai’s vibrant city life and see the various palaces and sacred temples. In these cities, you will get up close to Thai culture, in which Thai cuisine is also worth exploring.

In Thailand, the new year is celebrated three times – two of them at the end/beginning of the year. First, New Year’s is celebrated on 31 December. On this day, there is a tradition to, among other things, send off lanterns, covering the sky in a gorgeous blanket of light. The Chinese New Year is celebrated in January or February by the many Thai people with Chinese roots. This is a festive occasion in which the city is clad in red and gathers around parades, fireworks and other fun events. Last, but not least, is the Thai New Year, or the Water Festival, which you can experience on a tour in April.

If you prefer a holiday in peace and calm, southern Thailand offers beautiful islands with fantastic beaches. Here you can have a holiday at a calm pace and enjoy how the winter in Thailand also means heat and a beach holiday.

Spend your winter holiday in Thailand:

Sri Lanka in January and February

Yala National park

If you would like to fill up with winter sun and lots of fantastic experiences, head to Sri Lanka for your winter holiday.

The weather in Sri Lanka depends heavily on where you are located.

For example, you can get up close to Sri Lanka’s history and visit its various temples and historical cities. Several locations are on the UNESCO World Heritage List, such as the Sigiriya Lion Rock, the cave temples in Dambulla, the old capital of Kandy, Sri Lanka’s highlands and the Galle Fort.

If you would rather turn the pace down a little, Sri Lanka also has some of the most beautiful golden sandy beaches, enticing you for a beach holiday and long days on the shore. During the winter months, a tour with a concluding beach holiday in Mirissa or Hikkaduwa (in the south-western and western parts of Sri Lanka) perfect, as there is a dry season in these months.

Sri Lanka is furthermore a fantastic place to experience the Asian animal life. During the dry season, water levels drop, and animals gather among the watering holes that remain. Therefore, the dry season is a particularly good time to go looking for the animals. The various national parks offer gorgeous nature and a unique animal population. Here you can see animals such as elephants, crocodiles, moose and giant squirrels. If you’re lucky, you may catch a glimpse of the shy leopard.

Combine your tour to Sri Lanka with the Maldives, which have a dry season during this period, and where there is not much else on the agenda than to enjoy the heat, take a dip in the water and relax in luxurious surroundings.

Spend your winter holidays in Sri Lanka:

Book your summer holiday in good time!

The beginning of the year, particularly January, is the peak season for many of the Asian destinations. Remember to book well in advance if you know where you want to go.

If you are uncertain about which tour to choose, please feel free to contact our travel consultants, who are on hand to help you.

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