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Why we have changed your lodge in Costa Rica – it’s all about Costa Rica’s pursuit of biodiversity

Interest in enchanting Costa Rica, the land of lush rainforests, beautiful beaches and diverse wildlife, has increased sharply in recent years. With travellers from all over the world now seeking unique nature experiences in the beautiful country, the demand for lodges and hotels has reached unprecedented heights. But behind every...

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Travelogue from Costa Rica: Hanging Bridges in Monteverde

In June 2023, our Travel Specialist Laura, visited Costa Rica. Read about what she experienced here.  Costa Rica – Pura Vida “Close your eyes and picture yourself standing on a hanging bridge suspended in mid-air, where the ground seems impossible to stand on, and the clouds are within reach of...

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Driving in Costa Rica

Dream of visiting Costa Rica? Considering going for a self-drive tour? Read this and find answers to FAQs and 10 things to be aware of when driving in Costa Rica. FAQs about self-drive in Costa Rica Costa Rica is a popular self-drive country. All you need is a passport and...

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Monteverde Cloud Forest in Costa Rica

In Costa Rica, approximately 3 hours north of the capital San José, is Monteverde Cloud Forest. The mysterious cloud forest is teeming with life and definitely a must see on your tour to Costa Rica. Look forward to experiencing the “forest in the clouds”! The forest in the clouds –...

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Self-drive versus shuttle bus in Costa Rica

Want to visit Costa Rica? And considering choosing a self-drive holiday (renting a car) rather than a regular tour taking shuttle buses? Below, we compare the two forms of travel. Should you choose self-drive or a regular tour? We offer two different types of tours in Costa Rica: our “regular”...

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