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Beautiful beaches in Cuba

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Cuba is a magical country full of exciting history, captivating culture and unique nature experiences.

In Cuba, you will also find many beautiful and picturesque sandy beaches with crystal-clear, azure waters.

We use several different of Cuba’s fantastic beaches on our tours. Dream of relaxing on one of the country’s white sandy beaches?

Find out which of Cuba’s beaches to visit below.

Varadero – an unforgettable beach paradise


Varadero is Cuba’s largest and most popular beach area, located roughly a 2.5-hour drive from the capital, Havana.

On the 20-kilometre-long isthmus, you are greeted by fine, soft sand, azure waters and palm trees swaying gently in the breeze.

The beach is buzzing with life and people who all agree about Varadero’s beauty. Once you’ve experienced Varadero Beach, you won’t forget the combination of outstanding beach and wonderful atmosphere.

The area around the beach offers every opportunity for you to scuba dive, participate in sports and water sports, visit the area’s many restaurants, bask in the sun or go on excursion both above and beneath Varadero’s crystal-clear waters.

We offer Varadero both as part of selected tours and as an extension option.

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Jibacoa – Cuba’s best kept secret


On the north coast of Cuba, surrounded by stunning scenery, you will find the lovely little town of Jibacoa, located on the coast between Havana and Varadero.

The beach exudes a relaxed atmosphere and there are only a few hotels there. Wind right down and enjoy the fact that the masses have yet to discover this small, hidden-away gem of a beach.

The sand at Jibacoa is as white and soft as silk. The water is crystal-clear and all manner of beautiful shades of blue. Behind the beach is a lush, hilly hinterland, perfect for a hike if you’re feeling energetic.

When you’re done soaking up the warm rays of the sun or hiking in the beautiful scenery, you can put on your snorkelling or scuba diving gear and go on an underwater adventure. There are two different shipwrecks here: a sunken freighter and a military ship.

We offer Jibacoa as an extension option on selected tours.

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Cayo Santa María – a veritable island paradise

cayo santa maria

About a 6-hour drive east of Havana is the island of Cayo Santa María, which is connected to the north coast of Cuba via a dam.

The beaches of Cayo Santa María are for those who wish to spend some sunny, relaxing days in Cuban paradise.

Here you will be greeted by spectacular beaches with the most beautiful, clear waters and a chilled atmosphere that make Cayo Santa María a veritable island paradise.

Although the island is the perfect place to relax, you still have the option to scuba dive and snorkel among the colourful corals and fascinating underwater world or challenge yourself with deep-sea fishing.

Drive from the mainland to Cayo Santa María for an idyllic and amazing beach experience.

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Guardalavaca – beautiful coral reef and authentic atmosphere


In the eastern section of Cuba’s north coast lies Guardalavaca, the perfect place to enjoy crystal-clear waters and a beautiful coral reef.

It is said that when Christopher Columbus saw Guardalavaca for the first time, he described the beach as one of the most beautiful he had ever seen – and for good reason!

The beach extends over 1,500 metres with glistening, white sand, lined with long rows of palm trees. The landscape behind the beach is hilly and a sea of sugar cane fields.

Guardalavaca’s authentic, tranquil ambiance is complemented by the coral reef just off the coast, where you can snorkel and see fish and coral in all the colours of the rainbow.

Visit Guardalavaca on your tour to Cuba to experience a true beach paradise.

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