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When is the best time to visit Cuba?

03.07.2018  |  updated: 03.08.2022
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Car, Cuba

A holiday in Cuba is a truly unique experience. Authentic Caribbean charm, old American cars and wonderful salsa rhythms.

But when is the best time to visit the island?

Read on below and find out what the temperature is throughout the year, about the seasons, and how many hours of sunshine there are on the Caribbean island.

Please note: The guide below is indicative, and recommendations may change.

The Cuban climate

The Caribbean island is a fantastic holiday island, and you can visit Cuba all year round.

Cuba is situated in the tropical climate belt and has an average temperature of around 29 degrees.

The country’s location in the Caribbean Sea has an influence on the climate of the island, and there are differences in the weather depending on whether you are in the mountainous areas or by the coast.

Cuba generally has two seasons: A dry season (la seca) and a rainy season (la lluvia).

Cuba’s dry season

sunset over cuban street

Cuba’s dry season is from November to April.

The temperature is pleasant, averaging 24 to 27 degrees. The days are very sunny and the sun shines for up to 10 hours a day. So it’s a lovely, sunny time to visit the Caribbean island.

However, the dry season is subject to more frequent temperature fluctuations throughout the season than the rainy season.

In January and February, cold winds can blow in from the north, causing temperatures to drop to around 17 degrees – and cooler in the evening and at night. These temperature fluctuations aside, the weather is generally still very pleasant.

Very little rain falls in the dry season, and there are only 5–7 days a month with more than 1 mm of rain. November, which lies between the two seasons, gets a little more rain than the other months in the dry season.

The pleasant dry season is a popular time to visit the island. It is high season from December to February, and you should therefore be prepared for more visitors and slightly higher prices than otherwise. It is also a good idea to book your holiday earlier than if you want travel there in the rainy season.

→ Visit Cuba from November to April if you want to experience comfortable temperatures with very little rain and days with lots of hours of sunshine.

Cuba’s rainy season


The rainy season in Cuba is from May to October.

But don’t rule Cuba out because of the rainy season. The rain often comes in brief, intense showers, and afterwards you can head back out and enjoy your holiday in warm, dry weather.

The rain brings the heat with it, and you can expect daytime temperatures up to 32–33 degrees. Temperatures fluctuate less at this time of the year than in the dry season, however you can expect higher humidity.

July is also high season, so you should expect more visitors than the rest of the rainy season.

Hurricane season also falls during the rainy season:

Hurricane season

The months from June to November are officially known as the hurricane season throughout the Caribbean. During the period, there is a greater risk of hurricanes and cyclones in the Caribbean, but the risk of the weather affecting your holiday is minimal.

The “worst” months are from August to October, when there is the greatest risk of hurricanes in the Caribbean.

One of the absolute biggest experiences in hurricane season in Cuba is the annual carnival in Havana, Santiago de Cuba and Matanzas. The carnivals take place in July and August, and this is an amazing time when the essence of Cuba is  on display in the form of dance, festivities and a riot of colour.

→ Visit Cuba from May to October if you want to travel in a period of hot temperatures, fewer temperature fluctuations and when you can generally expect fewer visitors than otherwise.

Fancy a trip to Cuba?

Dancing and salsa rhythms in the streets, joie de vivre and culture are just some of the experiences you’ll bring back home with you when you travel to Cuba.

No matter what time of the year you visit Cuba, amazing experiences await you.

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