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Where to go in November 2024?

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Dream of getting away this November?

November is a great month to travel, whether you dream of going on an adventurous safari in Africa, exploring the cultural treasures on a tour to Asia, discovering Latin American culture on a tour to South America, or experiencing the scenic landscapes and exciting cities on a tour to Australia.

In this post, we’ve put together 9 destinations that are (also) amazing in November.

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1. Mexico – Explore cultural Mexico

TourCmpass team member takes a photo of Chichen Itza in Mexico.

November marks the start of the dry season in Mexico and greets you with pleasant temperatures and almost zero rain – an excellent time to delve into Mexico’s rich history.

A tour to Mexico in November offers a host of exciting experiences. Look forward to exploring the ancient Mayan ruins of Chichen Itza, relaxing on Mexico’s white, sandy beaches and experiencing the unique culture of the country. In early November, you can, for example, experience one of the cultural highlights of the year: Day of the Dead, a life-affirming celebration of the deceased with parades, traditional food and a very special atmosphere.

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2. Cambodia – Explore the wonders of Angkor and soak up the sun by the coast

White sand beach on Koh Rong Island in Cambodia.

No visit to Cambodia is complete without a visit to the fascinating ruin city of Angkor, which takes most people’s breath away. And November – the start of the dry season – is a really good time to explore the country’s rich cultural heritage before the high season really gets under way.

And it’s also a great month to get out on the water, with a beach holiday on the small paradise island of Koh Rong, for example, or in the coastal town of Kep, one of Cambodia’s best-kept secrets.

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3. South Africa – Spring charm in Cape Town

TourCompass team standing on top of Table Mountain in Cape Town.

South Africa is a cornucopia of experiences in November, especially in Cape Town, where spring is in full bloom.

The month offers pleasant weather with plenty of sunshine, ideal for experiencing Cape Town outdoors.

Explore the iconic Table Mountain, stroll through the colourful streets of Bo-Kaap and treat yourself to exceptional food at some of the city’s world-class restaurants.

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4. Argentina – Contrast-filled experiences from north to south

Perito Moreno Glacier in spring landscapes.

Argentina, the land of tango, delicious wine and landscapes that take your breath away, offers diverse and contrasting experiences in November. From the vibrant city life of Buenos Aires to the breathtaking landscapes of Patagonia.

Eat your way through the Argentinian cuisine, explore the colourful neighbourhoods and experience the dramatic landscapes of the south that come alive with the arrival of spring.

The November weather is pleasant and dry in most of the country – a great month for a mix of cultural experiences and natural wonders.

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5. Australia – Sunshine and outdoor activities

A couple hiking in the Blue Mountains in Australia.

November is an ideal time to explore Australia’s scenic landscapes and exciting cities.

The spring months beckon with their sunny, warm weather and nature in full bloom – a fabulous time to experience all the exciting experiences Australia has to offer, especially those that take place outdoors. Stroll along the soft sands of Bondi Beach in Sydney, explore the beautiful scenery of the Great Barrier Reef or go hiking in the stunning Blue Mountains.

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6. Mauritius – Island paradise in the Indian Ocean

Woman snorkelling in the Indian Ocean off Mauritius.

Picturesque Mauritius is a dream destination – in November, too. While we start preparing ourselves for winter in Europe, Mauritius welcomes you to its summer with warm temperatures.

It’s the ideal time to explore the beautiful sandy beaches, lush nature and captivating villages. Mauritius has something for those wishing to laze on the beach, a drink in hand, and for those wishing to experience much more than that.

November is a good time to visit, before the high season and the summer rains set in, and if you dream of exploring Mauritius underwater, November is one of the best months to do so as the water is warm, and visibility is good.

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7. Thailand – Tropical happiness and cultural experiences

Woman climbing the stairs at Doi Suthep Temple in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

We can all agree on Thailand’s attractiveness. And the dry season starts in November in most of the country, including the southern coasts, making it an exceptional month for adventure and relaxation alike.

Whether you dream of exploring the bustling streets of Bangkok, exploring the cultural riches of Chiang Mai or relaxing on the fabulous sandy beaches of the south, Thailand welcomes you with open arms and hospitality in November.

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8. Cuba – Caribbean charm and sunshine

White beach and blue water at Varadero in Cuba.

November marks the start of Cuba’s dry season, with pleasant temperatures and plenty of sunshine. It’s a great time to visit the country, and you can look forward to the unique blend of history, culture and the laid-back vibe that defines Cuba.

Look forward to exploring the historic streets of Havana, dancing to the rhythmic tones of salsa music and relaxing on the white, sandy beaches of Varadero.

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9. Japan – A treasure trove of experiences in autumn colours

Autumn colours and views of Mount Fuji in Japan.

In November, it is still possible to experience the magical transformation of Japan, into the colours of autumn, when “Koyo”, autumn’s answer to the cherry blossom, adorns the landscapes.

From the bustling streets of Tokyo to the serene temples of Kyoto, November is a month of mild temperatures perfect for exploring the treasure trove of experiences offered by a tour to Japan.

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No matter where you dream of travelling to, November is a fantastic month to explore the many wonders of the world. From the natural beauty of Mauritius to the cultural riches of Argentina. All these destinations offer unforgettable experiences that leave you wanting more.